Here you can find the most important campsite information

Leaving the campsite

You are allowed to go on and off the Defqon.1 camping grounds as much as you’d like. You and your belongings will be checked by entrance security each time you enter the campsite.  

Camping Stores

Do you want to get some breakfast before you enter the festival again or did you forget your toothbrush? The Store got your back. Here you can buy anything from bread and coffee to toiletries. The Store is located opposite the Comfort Camping entrance. You can also buy food and drinks at the other food stores on the Camp Site and Festival Grounds.  

First Aid

There are three First Aid stations available. The first one is located near campsite 1, the second one is located on campsite 5 and the third is next to the RED stage. The First Aid at campsites 1 and 5 are only available for camping visitors. You can ask security for help as well. The First Aid next to the RED stage is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the festival opening hours.

Disabled facilities

The Defqon.1 camping is accessible for everyone. We have special equipped showers and toilets available at the Defqon.1 Camping Ground. Please check in with our Camping Ground stewards to find the best spot for your party. Toilets for disabled visitors are available throughout the entire festival area.


You are allowed to bring medication with you, but only the maximum daily amount. The packaging has to be closed. The security might ask you for a doctor’s recipe.

Food & Drinks

You’re allowed to bring food and drinks when you enter the campsite for the first time. You can bring all the food you want, but there’s a limit to the amount of beverages; a maximum of 4,5 liters per person for soft drinks and drinks that contain less than 14,5% alcohol. Bottles made out of glass and strong liquors are prohibited. Bringing your food and drinks from the campsite to the festival isn’t allowed It is allowed to bring supplements to the camp site (also with caffeine, please use it in a responsible manner).    

Showers & toilets

The showers and toilets at the Defqon.1 Camping Ground are available 24 hours a day. Electricity for shavers and hair dryers is also available. Each time you use a shower, it will cost you one token. The shower house has limited electricity, meaning that you are able to use electricity for a short amount of time.


There’s no possibility to buy cigarettes on the camping grounds.  


The drugs policy at Defqon.1 is zero-tolerance. This means that all types of drugs are prohibited. This also includes weed and hash. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police. 

Setting up your own tent

Please consult with our camping stewards before setting up your tent. They will help you find the perfect spot. Only tents are allowed at the campsite. You can’t bring a car, camper, caravan or tent trailer. You can use your tent again next year, so don’t forget to take it down and take it home. Still need a tent? Defqon.1 pick-up tents can still be ordered here.

Phone charging

You can hire a charging device for your mobile phone at the charging stands near the lockers on campsite 5, campsite 0, the Wasted Lands, and near the lockers next to the BLACK at the festival area.