Food & drinks

You’re allowed to bring food and drinks when you enter the campsite for the first time. You can bring all the food you want, but there’s a limit to the amount of beverages; a maximum of 4,5 liters per person for soft drinks and drinks that contain less than 14,5% alcohol. Bottles made out of glass and strong liquors are prohibited. Bringing your food and drinks from the campsite to the festival isn’t allowed It is allowed to bring supplements to the camp site (also with caffeine, please use it in a responsible manner).    


Are you afraid that there won’t be enough music at Defqon.1? Feel free to bring a portable speaker (maximum capacity of 20watt) and/or CD-player with your favourite music. We don’t have space for sound systems, generators and aggregates so don’t bother and leave them at home.

Shirts & flags

Shirts and flags of football clubs are not allowed. However, we do encourage you to bring shirts and flags of your favorite country.


Every camping trip needs a decent BBQ. Make sure you use a disposable BBQ and the smallest size gas bottle (max 500 g). Didn’t bring one? Go to the Store; they have everything you need.