Dear fans,


When we postponed X-Qlusive Phuture Noize to September 12th, we had hoped that the COVID-19 situation would improve in our favor. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. Following yesterday’s press conference of the Dutch government, we’re forced to postpone the event to May 8th, 2021.

Together with AFAS Live, we’ve explored multiple options to present X-Qlusive Phuture Noize in an alternative format. We want you to be able to walk, rave, meet new and old friends and party till 7 in the morning. Since none of this is possible, we can’t provide the X-Qlusive experience you and Phuture Noize deserve.


We understand and feel your disappointment. The fact there won’t be an X-Qlusive this year is painful, but we’ll be back. X-Qlusive Phuture Noize will have the exact same line-up, only a different date. Your order will automatically stay valid for the upcoming edition. We hope that you’ll choose this option, as it greatly supports us. Nevertheless, it’s also possible to request a loyalty voucher or refund in case you’re not interested in attending X-Qlusive Phuture Noize anymore.



All orders will automatically remain valid for the new date. We hope to see you all at X-Qlusive!