A ‘loyalty voucher’ holds a value equal to the amount of your original order plus service fees (excluding merchandise, shipment costs and/or Booking Protect). With this voucher you can purchase tickets & travel for all Q-dance events and a wide range of products by submitting a personal voucher code in the check-out process. Your voucher is valid until December 31 2022.


When will I receive my ‘loyalty voucher’?

You will receive your ‘loyalty voucher’ by email by the end of June, along with a specification of your original order.

What other products are there to spend my money on?

You can spend the voucher on all future Q-dance events including available additional products & services in our one-stop shop. This also includes Travel & Stay Packages, a selected merchandise collection, parking cards and lockers.

Do I have to spend the amount of the ‘loyalty voucher’ all at once?

No, you can purchase products during the validity period of your voucher (December 31st, 2022). After purchasing a product a new voucher will be issued within 24 hours for the remainder of your voucher value.


Can I split the credit between the friends I purchased tickets for?

The ‘loyalty voucher’ will be issued to the original buyer, who placed the order. Unfortunately it is not possible to break down the order.


Can I transfer or sell the credit?

No, the ‘loyalty voucher’ will be issued to the original buyer, who placed the order. The voucher will be issued to the original buyer and is non-transferable, so it cannot be used by a third party.