Can I upgrade my Travel & Stay order to 4-days? 

Yes, we will offer the option to upgrade your Travel & Stay Package. More information about your options has been sent to you by e-mail in June. 

I’m not interested in partying for 4-days, what do I do? 

Not planning to join the full 4 days of Madness?! You can keep your order as it is. 

I want to add a person to my booking. Is this possible? 

This depends on your current accommodation occupation and the availability of tickets. Please send an e-mail to to get more information about your options. Don't forget to include your booking reference. 

The main booker of our Travel & Stay Package can no longer attend. Do we need to change the main booker? 

Yes, the main booker is the only person that can check-in to the accommodation that has been booked by your party. 

I purchased a bus ticket with my order and I want to upgrade. How does this work? 

You will also be available to change your bus ticket during the upgrade process. More information will be sent to you by e-mail in June.

I am upgrading my tickets but have not yet booked my accommodation. Can I still book an accommodation?

As long as Travel & Stay Packages are available you can still book your accommodation for Defqon.1. When you are in the upgrade process you can also select to add an accommodation to your booking if you haven’t already done so. 

I would like to upgrade to another accommodation, what is still available?

The availability of the remaining accommodations can be found in the shop via this link.