Dear Q-dancers,  


The next chapter in the book of Q-dance is about to unfold. A project we’ve been working on for many years and that’s now finally ready to be revealed to the world. With a healthy mix of pride and excitement, we present Q-dance Network and the DEDIQATED Membership.  


Q-dance Network is your digital portal into the world of the harder styles. This is a completely new app where you will be able to experience everything our scene has to offer to the fullest. This includes broadcasts of live events, shows, series, movies and no less than six new Q-dance Network exclusive opportunities such as Cooking with Chefa, World of Hardstyle, The Warrior and Legends. This will also be the place where you can connect and interact with your fellow warriors from all over the globe, with features that will take the way you watch our content to a whole new level. Q-dance Network is also the new online hangout for artists. A place where musical masterminds can release new content and get together with their closest fans without having to deal with disturbing algorithms. We aim for Q-dance Network to be more than just an app. Instead it’s our goal to make it the digital home of our tribe.  


Q-dance Network can be unlocked with a DEDIQATED Membership. This is the first premium Q-dance membership with a wide range of massive benefits, including priority access to ticket sales and exclusive merchandise collections.  


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See you at our new digital home!