Are you driving to Defqon.1 Weekend Festival by car, then please follow the yellow “P-Carparking” signs. This route is clearly marked from all roads. Please follow instructions given to you by traffic officers, stewards and/or parking area staff. 

Since last year, there is a solar-carport above the Defqon.1 parking terrain, wherefore there is a limited in dimensions for cars parking at this parking lot.  As of this, we would advise you to travel to Defqon.1 with cars with a height lower than 1.90 meter. Cars above this height are not able to park on the normal parking terrain, and are therefore referred by the parking attendants to park in another indicated area. From there, you will have to walk a longer distance to the entrance of Defqon.1. Therefore, please keep in mind that when you are planning on travelling to Defqon.1 with a car higher than 1.90, that you have to park in a different area. The maximum dimensions for the solar-carport area is: 4.4 meters length, 1,90 meter width, and 1,90 meter height. Be aware that this does not apply for the priority weekend parking at campsite 0.

Unfortunately, we don’t provide any charging points for electric cars.