General tickets for Qlimax are sold out. The last travel & stay packages are now available via this link. 

Ticketsales for Qlimax The Reawakening starts on the following dates:

DEDIQATED sale: August 18th (13:00 CEST)

As a DEDIQATED member, you will have access to the ticket sale 48 hours prior to the actual sale date. The DEDIQATED sale starts on the 18th of August 2022 at 13:00 (CEST) and ends on the 20th of August 2022 at 10:00 (CEST). 

Please be aware that only a limited amount of tickets will be available during this sale, which means we can't guarantee you tickets for Qlimax - The Reawakening. 

Travel sale: August 20th (13:00 CEST)

Ticket sale: August 27th (13:00 CEST)