How can I change a name on my ticket or transfer my ticket to someone else?
It is possible to change the name on a ticket or to transfer a ticket to someone else. You can do this via the following links:   •      Upgraded ticket...
When do we receive the tickets for Defqon.1 2022?
It it possible to personalize your tickets since the 1st of June 2022.  Be aware that all upgraded tickets have to be personalized again, even when you alre...
When do in need to personalize my tickets?
The personalization date has moved to a later date. Tickets will be available for personalization starting June 1st. After personalization you will receive ...
I haven’t received an e-mail for personalization of my tickets.
You can use this link to personalize your tickets:  Be aware that only the mainbuyer will receive this em...
What is the last possible day to personalize my tickets?
Personalization is possible until 48 hours before the event. 
I lost my ticket
You can use the following link to retrieve your tickets in case you have lost them.  Be aware that only t...
How can I upgrade my 3-day weekend ticket?
Unfortunately, it is not possible anymore to upgrade your 3-day weekend ticket to a 4-day weekend ticket.
How can I upgrade my travel order?
In case you upgraded your entrance ticket to 4 days, your Defqon.1 camping accommodation will be automatically upgraded to 4 days too. Have you upgraded you...
Can I upgrade my tickets to premium or VIP?
It’s not possible to upgrade your regular Defqon.1 tickets to premium.
Do I also need to upgrade my locker and parking ticket?
No, there’s no need to upgrade your parking or locker ticket. This will happen automatically.