Primal Energy 2022 - 4-days upgrade

How does the upgrade sale work?
On July 10 13:00 CEST the upgrade sale starts. On July 9, all main buyers will receive an e-mail containing a personal link to access their current order.  ...
I didn't receive my upgrade information e-mail?
Not receiving e-mails, can have multiple reasons. In most cases some e-mails can end up in your spam folder. If you've made sure that our e-mail isn&#x...
Defqon.1 4-days: Travel & Stay information
Can I upgrade my Travel & Stay order to 4-days?  Yes, we will offer the option to upgrade your Travel & Stay Package. More information abo...
Can I upgrade my tickets to premium?
It’s not possible to upgrade your regular Defqon.1 tickets to premium.
Until which date can I upgrade?
You can upgrade as long we've got any spots left.