Are my tickets from 2021 still valid?
Tickets from 2021 are still valid for 2022. There's no further action required!
When will the ticketsales start?
General tickets for Qlimax are sold out. The last travel & stay packages are now available via this link.  Ticketsales for Qlimax The Reawakening st...
How many tickets can I buy during the ticketsales?
It's possible to buy 4 tickets during the regular sale. As a DEDIQATED member, you can purchase 2 tickets during the DEDIQATED sale. Please be awar...
Where can I buy a parking ticket?
Parking tickets are not available at Q-dance’s ticket shop. You can park your car at the GelreDome’s parking area. These tickets are available at the locati...
Can I already personalize my tickets?
It will be possible to personalize your tickets from the 29th of August 2022 12:00 (CEST).  
Do I have to personalize my tickets again?
Your 2021 tickets are still valid. No further action is required. You don't have to personalize your tickets again.
I've lost my tickets, what can I do?
The main booker can retrieve the tickets via this link. Please make sure that you use the same e-mail address that you used by buying your tickets.
When can I sell my tickets via Ticketswap?
It will soon be possible to sell and purchase tickets through TicketSwap.
Is it possible to buy more tickets when I already purchased tickets last year?
It is possible to order additional tickets if you already possess tickets in 2021. 
How can I change the name on my ticket?
It is now possible to change the name on your Qlimax ticket or to transfer it to someone else. You can do this with the Ticket Transfer tool via this link.