Is it possible to partially cancel my booking?
No, the entire booking must be cancelled. We will have limited sales opportunities again during the re-sale. 
Can I still request a refund after the 2-week deadline?
No, it’s not possible to request a refund after the deadline has passed. 
When will I receive my new transfer times?
We will provide you with this information by e-mail one week prior to the actual event date.  
Will the late check-out remain valid?
Yes, the late check-out will remain valid. 
When will the dinner at the Qlimax hotel take place?
The dinner at the Qlimax hotel will take place on Saturday, November 26, 2022. The exact times will be announced later. 
Which artists will be present at the Qlimax hotel?
This will be a surprise!  
Where can I ask questions regarding my Travel & Stay package?
Please send an e-mail to for all Travel & Stay related questions.