When does the Ticket Sale start?
Ticketsales for X-Qlusive Rebelion starts on the following dates: DEDIQATED sale: November 10th (13:00 CET) As a DEDIQATED member, you will have access...
How can I purchase tickets?
You are able to purchase tickets for X-Qlusive Rebelion via this link. 
When does the DEDIQATED Sale end?
The DEDIQATED Sale ends Saturday 12 November at 09:30 (CET).
How many tickets can I buy during the ticketsales?
It's possible to buy 9 tickets during the regular sale. As a DEDIQATED member, you can purchase 4 tickets during the DEDIQATED sale. Please be awar...
When can I personalize my tickets?
It will be possible to personalize your tickets from November 14 at 12:00 (CET). This will be possible via this link. Be aware that only the mainbuyer can p...
I haven't received my confirmation email, what can I do?
It could take a couple of minutes before you receive your confirmation mail. Please be aware that this email could also end up in your junk folder. Still ha...
When do I receive my actual tickets?
You will receive your tickets when you've personalized your order. Only the mainbuyer can personalize the tickets.